The MyersBriggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a behavioral tool at the service of managers. The theory of psychological type comes from the work of Carl Gustav Jung. It inspires us with the following quote: “Anything that irritates us about others can lead to a better understanding of ourselves”.

What is the purpose of this tool ?

This coaching tool helps managers realize their professional personality profile. MBTI types are often used in team building workshops.

Why such a profile?

This is an individual profile, self-diagnosed that allows the participant to know himself better but also to better understand others.

Under what circumstances should someone put MBTI into practice?

  • Organize an individual coaching session
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Work on personal and professional development
  • Get to know their strengths and weaknesses

Who are the 16 profiles?

The approach offers each individual greater self-awareness through four pairs of personality preferences:

  • Extraversion & introversion: where do I get my energy from
  • Sensing & intuiting: how do I gather information
  • Thinking & feeling: how do I organize information
  • Perceiving & judging: how do I like to live

How much does the MBTI costs?

You first need to purchase an MBTI test on the platform. As an alternative you can buy a paper copy. The cost will depend on the option you choose.

You need to add on to that the cost of the debriefing with a certified MBT I consultants. Depending on the experience I would suggest the budgets of hundred €150-€250 per hour. As the tool is a very comprehensive one you may have between three and five sessions of an hour and a half.

When do you recommandend this tool?

There are many applications to the MBTI.  Among the most common ones I would recommend the following. You can also use it in groups for teambuilding support or as in individual coaching tool.

  • Coaching
  • Leadership training
  • Change management
  • Communication strategies
  • Developing influencing skills
  • Conflict management
  • Decision-making
  • Project management
  • Team development

Three common myths before passing the MBTI “test”

Myth # 1: This is not a test!

Your HR manager shall not and probably will not want to evaluate you with this tool. The MBTI makes it possible to create a space to discover yourself. Feedback is done individually with an MBTI certified consultant or in a group. Sometimes the MBTI is included with leadership and management training.

Myth # 2: “MBTI personality types will tell me who I am”.

Absolutely not ! You are the most qualified to judge the type of MBTI personality that best suits you among the 16 available profile types (link to https://eu.themyersbriggs.com/en-US/tools/MBTI/MBTI-personality-Types ). You will have exclusive access to the profile: in our professional approach, we are particularly careful about confidentiality.

Myth # 3: “The MBTI solves conflicts”.

Yes and no. The MBTI personality test improves team management and team cohesion by allowing participants to get to know each other better, to discover others, to understand how different they are. Working on MBTI profiles requires a few precautions: not all teams are ready for the MBTI.

For those experiencing a temporary conflict, there are other more suitable tools. I use the Thomas Kidman matrix.

Our philosophy

We are very vigilant about the circumstances of the DISC test, as well as the interpretation and use of the results. Indeed, the DISC method is both very simple and particularly powerful. Its use is extremely effective for team management. On the other hand, it is essential for this to happen if the handover and debriefing are to take place under the right conditions.


Our management consulting firm holds the DISC and MBTI certifications. We use other effective personal knowledge methods in management, such as the emotional intelligence test, the enneagram, or the Work Place Motivations. This allows us to always offer the most suitable method for our customers. We keep our independance from profile editors in general.

Please contact us for further information :

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