Team building

Our clients frequently point to a lack of efficiency in their teams. It can be either a “quick-fix” or take a bit longer. Sometimes all it takes is a new coffee machine or a simple exchange of rituals to ease a tense situation and develop more efficient cooperation. However, sometimes the source of the problem can run deeper and it takes more delicate intervention to solve old, underlying issues. This means that the coaching program may also be more complex. We suggest to look at the benefits of team building.

The tools used for the training :

We usually start by using a diagnostic tool with employees and managers, such as DISC©, 360°, WPMOT©, , MBTI© , or Enneagram, for example. Based on the diagnostic result, we make recommendations to our clients about how to tackle the issue. Our recommendations are based on comments and feedback as well as suggestions from the people we have interviewed, including HR and team leaders.

The Positive Impact of Team Building

The success of any organization depends on every individual that works for them. In simple terms, all the employees form a team. Hence, able to coordinate well to ensure that your business is up and running. For many employees finding the right side is a challenge.

But do you know that you can mentor your workers through team building programs?

If you are finding it hard to make all your employees have the same motivation and fulfill your organization’s goals. Then visit us, and we will help you solve this challenge.

The following tools are used during a team-building program.

For quality inspection, we first will inspect all your employees using the following diagnostic tools.

DISC, MBTI, and Enneagram are the tools we will use. We use the answers provided by all the employees to get to know the problem affecting your company.

Let’s discuss one of the diagnostic tools to deepen your understanding of how the tools impact team building.

Enneagram: For your workers to get a better understanding of every workmate. We use this tool. It helps us know how to improve your employee’s work together in harmony and get to understand everyone.

Why Team Building is Important for an Organization

During this millennial era, many people work differently, and the association between workmates in no longer critical. But for your company to thrive, team building is the best solution.

Team building helps workers to communicate well no matter the position they are holding.

Secondly, it improves collaboration, which makes works easy in your company.

Lastly, team building helps to foster trust and get solutions when there is a conflict.

Organisation of a Team building :

The last step of our contribution takes the form of a teambuilding program lasting one or several days, depending on the client needs. We offer one-day intensive programs as well as three-day and six-day programs, including a 1+2 day option. Six-day programs are split into two-day or three-day chunks spread out over several weeks, if desired. In general we recommend a neutral venue for the training or coaching. Ideally, it should not be as formal as a corporate meeting room and not as informal as a restaurant or bar. Our main goal is to favour cooperation between team members in a friendly and calm environment. Confidentiality is key to the impact of our work. After the training itself, we have follow-up meetings within a 3 to 6 month period.

Why choose us?

We support clients in exploring, producing and implementing their own solutions and help them to implement creative responses in challenging environments.

To offer a fair balance between the solution developed by the client and our own approach. We sometimes refuse a contract with a manager or a team if we believe we are not the right fit for the coaching, or if we detect a potential conflict of interest.

Each member of our team relies on over 20 years of corporate experience gathered in France and overseas. We have been through extensive training ourselves and long-term personal growth programs.

So, to ensure your employees work in cohesion make an appointment :