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What should we take away from DISC? The DISC tool is one of the most widely used tools in the development of managerial skills. Discovering yourself has become easy thanks to DISC personality test. It then allows more fluid exchanges. This is one of the advantages of the DISC method.

Sellers will identify the needs of their contact more quickly. Managers will be able to adjust the expression of their leadership style according to their collaborators. Finally, the DISC personality test creates favourable conditions for an adapted relational technique thanks to the adaptation strategy. What can I do to use my DISC profile in a relevant way? DISC offers solutions that are relatively simple to implement. One day of training in the DISC method allows a complete discovery.

The DiSC profile and the essential elements of teamwork

Nevertheless, it is useful to plan two days in case your objective is to develop topics such as “optimizing our professional relations with DISC”. What are the essential elements that emerge from DISC? Let’s be careful with the DISC profiles! It is a model of how you are perceived by others. William Marston, the creator of the DISC approach, invites us to be humble. After all, no one knows you better than you know yourself. In this video, I suggest that you discuss different options for getting the most out of the DISC method and how to implement the disc in your everyday life.

DISC golden rule in communication

Elders would gladly repeat the golden rule: “treat others as you would like to be treated”. The meaning of this sentence is to suggest to the other what I would have liked to receive. There is a major flaw in such a recommendation. What if the other person is very different from me, in terms of personality? The DISC tool will enable us to put into practice the diamond rule: “treat others as they need to be treated”.

DISC personality test for a win-win approach

The best solution is therefore based on the clues that I perceive in my interlocutor. This approach will allow me to improve professional exchanges. This case study will familiarize you with the DISC method. By mastering the DISC method, you will be able to better understand your interlocutors.
The DISC Profile will propose solutions to execute win-win solutions to improve my professional relationships. Indeed, as a professional coach specialised on the DISC tool I suggest some simple solutions to improve your management techniques through DISC.

How long does it take to take the DISC?

You will have completed the questionnaire in less than a quarter of an hour. The process of discovering W. Marston’s model takes place in several stages. The employee will fill in a behavioural questionnaire. The editors of the DISC tool offer an online evaluation on their website. It generates a detailed personality report. You will get an in-depth analysis of your management style. As soon as the DISC profile has been completed, everyone will be able to take note of the results with the support of a certified professional. It is not only the online debriefing provided by the .

The debriefing lasts approximately one to one and a half hour depending on the candidate’s willingness to go into more or less detail about his DISC profile. Furthermore, in the case of debriefing by a professional trained in the DISC method, it is advisable to be calm. This debriefing can be done visually or remotely.
If the participant requests it, the DISC tool lends itself perfectly to individual coaching.

Is the DISC approach a test or a methodology?

Questionnaire, DISC profile, all these synonyms are the same. However, we must be careful with the concept of a DISC test. According to William Marston, DISC is not a test but an observation. Your answers will never be right or wrong. Every manager profile is different.
How about a first try on your DISC profile?
I would like to offer you a free first interview in which I will present my practice of the DISC tool for leadership development. Over the last three years, I have completed approximately 800 DISC profiles for leadership development for managers.
We invite you to take a DISC personality test. We will look at your detailed profile together in order to better develop your talents according to the DISC tool.
This can be accompanied by individual coaching on the DISC Tool and management principles.
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