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DISC method


The DISC test: a behavioral tool at the service of management


What is the DISC?

The DISC is primarily an analysis tool that enables segmenting individuals’ behaviors according to different types of profiles. Developed by the American psychologist William Moulton Marston, the DISC method has since become one of the best tools for personal development.

How does the DISC work?

This model is articulated on 2 axes. On the one hand, it observes the perception that the individual has of his environment (hostile or favorable) and on the other the actions that he can have on his environment (to accept or to act). All categories of employees can measure their disc profile.

How was the DISC tool developed?

It was the American psychologist, William Marston, who created the DISC model. His work is mainly inspired by the research of Carl Gustave Jung.

What are the benefits of DISC?

The DISC analysis is particularly effective in team management. Indeed, thanks to improvement in self-knowledge and to understanding the different personalities that make up their teams, managers gain in efficiency. Our DISC workshop is thus very useful to reinforce the teams’ performance. The better the perception of the different personalities, the better the management and the quality of the relationships between members.


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