Managerial Efficiency : Sharpen the saw!

Managerial Efficiency by S. Covey

What is Managerial Efficiency?

The managerial efficiency is a key aspect of the life of a manager today. There are very basic tools or items ( 7 for Stephen Covey)  that can help managers to become more efficient.

As an introduction please find my apologies for my English as I am a non-native English speaker.

Since I just found this gentleman  fascinating, decided to share his video. ! He’s over 77 now . Though still showing so much enthusiasm about his job / work / passion.

Inspiration from Ken Blanchard

I feel the same today. Since  I’m really blessed with the pleasure that my new job. I work  as an  executive coach and  management trainer . Therefore I Hope I will keep having this passion as long as he can.

Actually, he reminds me of another very active person that I used to read a lot, whose name is Stephen R.  Covey. Thus I remember his outstanding book “The seven habits of the highly efficient people” mentioning sharpen the saw.

Actually, the “saw” of Ken Blanchard is still very sharp!

Work hard or play hard, and get managerial efficiency

What are the recommandations from Ken Blanchard to be  at the right job?

Managerial Efficiency is built around seven habits:

  1. being reactive
  2. having the goals in mind from the start,
  3. giving priority to priorities,
  4. thinking win/win,
  5. seeking first to understand then to be understood,
  6. working in synergy,
  7. sharpening one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual faculties.

These  significantly improves performance.


– Improve the ability to manage oneself by taking responsibility for one’s choices and focusing on the essential.

– Establish relationships based on mutual trust.

– Increase the involvement of each individual to work more effectively in a team.

Framework of managerial efficiency

Unlike traditional managerial approaches, which often resemble the instrumentalization of employees, Stephen Covey, in his world bestseller, traces major avenues for transforming the manager from within.

It is this progressive transformation, articulated around the seven habits proposed by the author, that will eventually pull his entire team upwards.

Look at the video below.





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