Intercultural Management

Why Intercultural management skills are essential for your organisation ?

Intercultural Management is an understanding and optimisation of other cultures within an international environement . In practice, cultural differences are being acknowledged and managed openly, rather than ignored. It increases the overhaul efficiency of the organisation.

Team building

We will support your managers in enhancing their leadership skills and adjusting their mindset.

Leadership Development

We target areas that we master on both a conceptual and operational level


We work with the intercultural realities of the situation to boost your operational efficiency

Business in Russia

Better understanding the cultural differences between France and Russia will help you to develop your business

Our Intercultural Management support tools

The MBTI or MBTI type is a tool for self-knowledge. It is used in coaching and allows managers to develop their leadership skills.

Our DISC and management seminars improve employee communication and team performance.

Neurolinguistic programming. It is an advanced communication technique that allows you to better understand and be understood.

After graduating from university with a Masters degree in management, I started my career working in sales. After building up my business knowledge, I took on management positions in France and then overseas. The region I know best is Russia and the neighbouring CIS countries (former Soviet Union). I have also had assignments in the Middle East: I was based for three years in Dubai, where I was in charge of the GCC countries as well as Iran, Saudi Arabia and India. I have successfully completed four expatriate assignments.

Our references in intercultural management

Marc Prager, a former senior manager and consultant, is an expert in intercultural management. He is a certified executive coach and an NLP practitioner. Certified consultant for the following tolls: DISC &  WP MOT. He graduated from HEC Paris.

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