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Management consulting, organization and talent management

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We will support your managers in enhancing their leadership skills and adjusting their mindset.

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We target areas that we master on both a conceptual and operational level

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We work with the intercultural realities of the situation to boost your operational efficiency

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After graduating from university with a Masters degree in management, I started my career working in sales. After building up my business knowledge, I took on management positions in France and then overseas. The region I know best is Russia and the neighbouring CIS countries (former Soviet Union). I have also had assignments in the Middle East: I was based for three years in Dubai, where I was in charge of the GCC countries as well as Iran, Saudi Arabia and India. I have successfully completed four expatriate assignments.

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Marc Prager, a former senior manager and consultant, is an expert in intercultural management. He is a certified executive coach and an NLP practitioner. Certified consultant for the following tolls: DISC &  WP MOT. He graduated from HEC Paris.

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