Intercultural Management

Why Intercultural management skills are essential for your organisation ?

Intercultural Management is an understanding and optimisation of other cultures within an international environment . In practice, cultural differences are being acknowledged and managed openly, rather than ignored. It increases the overhaul efficiency of the organisation.

How to define a multicultural team?

The number of different nationalities that make up a team is a first element of explanation. The number of languages spoken among the members of the group is a second.

However, one must be careful.

In some teams, it is sometimes said “everyone speaks English here”.

This does not mean that cultural differences no longer exist. The pitfalls of the relationship between the manager and his team or between the manager and his counterparts in other subsidiaries remain intact.

Our Intercultural Management support tools

Among the management tools that make it easier to understand these multicultural differences, I suggest looking first at Hofstede’s model: it’s a six-dimensional model. The hierarchical distance represents the relationships of power and authority. This seems to me to be particularly relevant in management.

I also use Erin Meyer’s model in intercultural management training. It adds interesting new components to Hofstede’s model, such as how to express disagreement or how to give feedback to the employee. However, this model lacks numerical data that can be accessed via the web.

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Apart from intercultural management what do we do?

Team building

We will support your managers in enhancing their leadership skills and adjusting their mindset.

Leadership Development

We target areas that we master on both a conceptual and operational level


We work with the intercultural realities of the situation to boost your operational efficiency

Business in Russia

Better understanding the cultural differences between France and Russia will help you to develop your business

Marc Prager, a former senior manager and consultant, is an expert in intercultural management. He is a certified executive coach and an NLP practitioner. Certified consultant for the following tolls: DISC &  MBTI. He graduated from HEC Paris. After graduating from university with a Masters degree in management, he started a career working in sales. He then took on management positions in France and overseas. The region he know best is Russia and the neighbouring CIS countries. He also had assignments in the Middle East, being based for three years in Dubai, where ha was in charge of the GCC countries as well as Iran, Saudi Arabia and India.